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© Copyright remains the property of Floreeda Fabrications Ltd - Acrylic Display Manufacturer - T : 0161 442 3551 - F : 0161 442 3552


Floreeda Fabrications Ltd - Acrylic Point of Sale, Display & Laser Cutting Specialists

Manufacturing on site in South Manchester

CTU (counter top units) Beauty Product Displays including, Nail Varnish, Hair Care, Male Grooming Products, Aromatherpy

FSU (free standing display units)

Acrylic Laser Cutting Specialists - Boasting 500 watts of Laser Power and cutting Acrylic upto 25mm in thickness and creating a highly polished finish

Acrylic Line Etching - Etching a hairline etch from a vector file

Acrylic Raster Engraving - Etching from a grey scale image upto 600dpi from plain text upto a high quality image with depth

Roland UV Flatbed Digital Printing - Direct print to acrylic in CMYK + white + clear gloss textures to a photo quality finish

LED Light TIles - LED Light Sheet - Creating consistant illumination from an 8mm thick light tile